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neoAdama 2012年12月23日 19時53分
Thank YOU!
Just wanted to say Thank you for the Dev's behind this software! Yes, it does have some bugs and some of my pictures don't load because the software crashes. BUT, with the ones that DO load, this software works amaaazing! I am not that versed in photo editing but I managed to get some cool looking stuff done :D

For the price, I can't think of another piece of software that I can use with such a low learning curve.

Thank you guys! Keep up the good work!
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FlamingDeath™ 2013年1月22日 11時20分 
neoAdama の投稿を引用:
can use with such a low learning curve.

Basically what you're saying is, it lacks in depth of functionality and I agree. You really do get what you pay for with this.

If I compare the effect processing speed with say another piece of software, Macromedia Fireworks. Camerabag is woefully sluggish, considering I'm working with a measly 750KB jpg file
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