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Ressurrector Nov 9, 2013 @ 2:15am
Silo 2 locks up way too much
When it works its a nifty and very usable program. However I wasn't even able to complete a single model without it resorting to continous lockups. This programs greatest strength is also its great weakness. I'm talking about subdivide surfaces. Its a quick press of C to subdivide and V to unsubdivide but I find by doing that you are in minefield terrortory with lock ups. I kinda wonder if these lock ups has something to do with the steam version and not the more expensive version bought from Nevercenter. Cause of all the tutorials I find no one seems to be complaining about the stability of this program and it seems highly unstable to me. Almost Hexagon bad if you know what I mean. For the price its worth a shot if it works out for ya. I personally haven't had much luck but your mileage may vary...
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Patrick Griffiths Nov 9, 2013 @ 7:14am 
It's possible that it could be due to a Steam version, but I have only had the program crash on me about three times since I purchased it... Once was my fault though...

Is it possible it could be crashing and locking up due to hardware issues?

I love this application, I am not as in tune with some of the features as I would like to be, but I plan on using it within a tutorial serries I am documenting right now, I hope that the lagging/locking up and crashing issues are not as common as thie forum suggests, maybe I am just lucky in not having these issues but I see a great many complaints about it here, but I hope that all the people that have it working fine for the most part are just not here on the forums and off using it =]

Kind Regards
Patrick Griffiths
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